Supporting the CShop Framework

In the video below, CShop technical support expert, Michael Billson, talks about the reasons they selected the Virtual Private Cloud to support CShop, how they found the migration away from their existing provider and why the platform is such a great fit for their application and their business.

About CShop

The CShop e-commerce framework is designed, developed and supported by IOCEA. The platform processes over 980,000 transactions a year, worth around £48 million to the businesses delivering their online operations through CShop.

CShop continues to grow rapidly year-on-year and when the team at IOCEA were looking at the renewal of their hosting infrastructure, they searched the market for a secure, scalable and cost-effective solution to support their expansion.

In moving to Secura the key differences really are the cost-effectiveness of the platform, the security of the platform, the control we have of the platform, but most importantly to us, the support of the platform.

Michael Billson, Technical Support, CShop

Solution Benefits

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Cost Effective

The Secura VPC allowed IOCEA to make significant savings on the infrastructure for the CShop framework and improve platform performance and support.

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Smooth Migration

A smooth migration of revenue generating websites is critical and Secura worked with IOCEA to deliver a well-planned and executed move without disruption to CShop customers.

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Fantastic Support

The team at Secura deliver friendly, helpful and expert support round-the-clock to help IOCEA offer the very best possible service to their customers.